Dear Trump loving friends and family,

Your head in a cloud, messianic fervor over this miserly race baiter is glum and ridiculous. For law and order, we need plans. Trump speaks like a Shamwow salesman at the New York State Fair, saying a whole lot of nothing, blowing wind for your sale. We don’t need rousing 2-hour monologues. We need serious, precise efforts to make our lives better.… Read More Dear Trump loving friends and family,

Dear Tarek Mehanna,

Your brother described a book you translated, 39 Ways to Serve and Participate in Jihad, as a benign religious devotional. Published by Al Qaeda in 2003, promising “dominance over people of disbelief” in its first full sentence, this book does not seem especially benign to me, especially in light of Daesh’s current apocalyptic rampage in the Lavant. Reading al Qaeda’s propaganda, I can understand the appeal of Jihad, but I’m not sure that I understand the word.… Read More Dear Tarek Mehanna,

Why War?

There is something familiar about this impulse to jihad, as expressed by the aspiring martyrs beheading people etc. online. Some people find redemption in violence. Facing death elicits our deepest emotions, and war is a reliable way of experiencing both love and hate. War is cathartic. It is the premise for some of history’s broadest literature… Read More Why War?